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Infections in the diabetic foot may occur at various degrees of severity. If you have diabetes you should see a podiatric physician regularly to prevent significant problems from getting worse. Proper foot care can help you prevent complicated problems.

We also provide a patient portal to allow you to access your records.

We sell diabetic shoes and offer treatments to help relieve pain. The most effective tools of foot pain prevention and best way to protect your feet is to have proper footwear. Dr. Fajardo will provide a neurological, circulatory, biomechanical and footwear assessment.

Do you need diabetic shoes?

Complicated infections can develop easily in the presence of wounds or ulcers and could cause serious deep infection, osteomyelitis or gangrene if not treated immediately. Both insulin and non-insulin dependent individuals should seek the advice of a podiatrist.

Seek the advice of a podiatrist

Diabetic patients are vulnerable to injuries or ulceration as they might be overweight, and have diminished sensation to pain. Simple skin infections such as fungus or warts may take longer to heal due to a weaker immune system.

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We offer diabetic shoes and testing